The Nearest Accommodation to World of Volvo


We are proud to welcome World of Volvo as our neighbors!

It's so exciting to have an entertainment center for different senses - right next to us!

The new landmark of Gothenburg is beheld in astonishing architecture.

World of Volvo magnifik inomhustrappa


World of Volvo - World of Vehicle Exhibiton and Exploration

Be prepared to challenge yourself.

Volvo says 'Be a better version of you!' Surely, it piques curiosity. . . !

They have entertaining, interactive experiences where you discover more about yourself and get inspired.

Come and tell us your thoughts about it!

Explore the history of the Volvo brand and their iconic vehicles!

World of Volvo exhibition bilar


World of Volvo - Wold of Innovation and Safety

World of Volvo offers everything from concerts and exhibitions to creative workshops or guest lecturers,

etc., and has fantastic facilities in a Nordic style even ready to host congresses.

There is much to explore...

World of Volvo eventarena 600 personer


World of Volvo - World of Indulgement

Their event concepts and restaurants have partnered with the world renowned

Götaplatsgruppen for a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

They promise gastronomic sensory experiences for the discerning palate.

The fresh Gothenburg B&B is the closest accommodation to World of Volvo.

Get ready to enjoy your visit and get impressed!


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