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What to do in Gothenburg

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Gothenburg, beloved Gothenburg. 
The coolest thing about Gothenburg is how much you can see and do in one day. 
The city offers a wide range of sights, the distance are short and it is easy to get around by public transport.
Live out and be young again at Liseberg, experience the archipelago (the best coast as the Gothenburg citizens themselves say), shop and stroll around and feel the city pulse, or take a swedish "fika" in the cute streets of Haga, take a picnic in the city park Slottskogen next to the moose or see the flowers turn out in the Botanical garden.
The city can offer something for everyone´s interests. 

Gothenburg is also very well known for its event city, see what is happening in Gothenburg during your stay by going to: Events calendar 

Below are Gothenburg Hostel´s top ten musts visits in Gothenburg:
Read more about the different attractions by clicking on the different activities/attractions.
1. Have fun and be young again at Liseberg, the greatest amusement park in Scandinavia.
2. Visit the Gothenburg Art Museum.
3. Take a day trip in the Gothenburg archipelago.
4. Discover Gothenburg from the water! Sightseeing
5. Buy freshly caught shrimp in Feskekôrka.
6. Take a "fika break" in Haga.
7. Go on safari through the rainforest at Universeum.
8. Shop for Gothenburg designs. Shopping in Gothenburg.
9. Indulge in seafood, more about restaurants.
10. Visit the Garden Society in the city centre. Parks and gardens.

Want more tips? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you with more tips during your visit.

You never feel any sadness in Gothenburg.
(Song and text by the swedish artist Håkan Hellström)





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